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Treaty of Paris:
Right now the boys are on the road with Yellowcard, The Spill Canvas and PlayRadioPlay! The tour has been going really well for them, and they've been spreading Treaty love all over the states and tons of places they've never played before!

In a few weeks they'll be done with this tour and heading out on some college dates and one off's, including shows in DeKalb, Chicago, Ripon [WI] and a suburb of St Louis. So if you live close to those areas check those shows out. More details can be found HERE

Also, make sure and pick up your copy of their album Sweet Dreams, Sucker which you can get off of their website

I plan on doing a pretty sweet entry soon with all of my favorite Treaty pictures and videos (I have a TON). So stay tuned and feel free to post questions about the band (more than likely, I'll know the answers) or videos or whatever here!

ace enders : bring back love

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Okay, this thing's like 15 seconds long because the guard was staring at me so I didn't want to get in trouble. And I was kinda close to the speakers so the quality is like bleh, but here it is.

It's from the Metro in Chicago sometime in March.

P.S. Has anyone else noticed that this is practically the only shirt Phil wears?

I suggest we buy him a new one.

More Media!

OKay well here are some more videos that I have taken. I'm still determined to get Miles Away on video. If you have any videos feel free and share em!

Another from Summerfest...

Treaty in Madison Wisconsin

Treaty of Paris at The House in De Kalb


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This is a fan community for the lovely Treaty of Paris band from good ol' Chicago.

Check out www.treatyofparismusic.com www.myspace.com/treatyofparis and www.purevolume.com/treatyofparis

Look out for them to be hitting up a town near you, and see them live!